Detailed Pencil Drawings of your Home or other

Detailed Pencil Drawings of your Home or other Structures

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Portraits of homes make the perfect gift for a couple getting married, your child's first home, your home, as a gift to a friend who took you on a beautiful weekend to their vacation home and even real estate agents giving a thank you to their customers after a sale!

This artist is so talented that this thoughtful gift is priceless to the recipient!! 

What can you order? home, vehicle, office, school, church, boat, plane, yard scene...

Please note that as some drawings are more complex.  After speaking with the artist, you may have an additional charge.  She will discuss the piece with you prior to beginning.

Larger homes will need to be on at least an 8x10.  Please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page, if you wish an estimate or exact quote before purchasing.

  • Approximately 6x8"          $250 - $300*
  • Approximately 8x10"         $300 - $400*
  • Approximately 9x12"         $400 - $450+*
  • Approximately 11x14"        $450 - $600+* 

*Exact price to be determined after viewing the structure/vehicle.

Artist Bio: 

A native of Memphis and graduate of Tulane University, the artist began drawing seriously in 2002 when a friend displayed one of the her drawings in a music studio. People began to inquire; and she began to draw and a pencil portrait business was born.

Even though her talent appeared at an early age, she never used her ability for anything other than personal entertainment. Since she has never been formally trained, she never thought she could make any use of drawing.

She is married and has two daughters. She conducts her portrait business at home from her drawing board and personal computer. She now draws for people all over the world via email and digital photography.

At the suggestion of a friend, the artist expanded her business to include customized note cards from her portraits also available on for announcements, holidays, new addresses and every day. "Contributing to my family income is a plus," she says, "but making people happy is my true reward."

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