Pencil Portrait Bio

I commissioned the artist to do a pencil portrait of my house. I was so impressed that I have had her do three other buildings that I have given as gifts.  I will definitely use her again."
-Jess Ossorio, Memphis, TN 

The artist is detail-oriented and very skilled at what she does.  If you need a portrait of a property or even your own property, I highly recommend her.  Her talent is more than just taking a photo you send her and creating a sketch. It's creative, inspiring and incredible. I will hire the artist again and again to do work for me.
-John Blossom III (Jay), Sister Bay, WI 

The artist is a very talented artist. I simply emailed her a photograph of my wife and daughter and she turned it into a beautiful pencil sketch that I proudly display in my office. I get comments on it regularly and they are always comments of astonishment as to the incredible likeness to my wife and daughter, along with questions about where I got it. I heartily recommend the artist's work!
-Michael Goodrich, Ft. Worth, TX

The artist did two jobs for me that were very attractive. One was of my yellow lab. She captured him in a camouflaged setting and provided note cards with his image. The second was two drawings of a family home, one from the front and the other from the rear. Her renditions were great memorials of this fine example of turn-of-the-century architecture and will be great reminders to my family of the wonders of that home. I would recommend her for any project. She is more than capable and a great pleasure to work with.
-Martin Thompson, Memphis, TN 

The artist was a pleasure to work with and did a wonderful job on my portrait of my dogs, Baxter & Hudson. It was a present for Christmas and made everybody who saw it smile. We need things like this these days...
 -Corey Bezerman, Long Island, NY