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Copper Bar Spoon

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The fine details of the classic bar spoon have been heavily influenced by history. Each part of a bar spoon serves a purpose, it's more than just aesthetics.

For example, the twist on the handle allows you to pour a carbonated tonic or soda into the glass and keep the fizz where it belongs - in the glass! 

Ben Caldwell has designed two variations; one with a classic mint leaf, and one with a trident fork.

Sold individually or as a set of 6

The inherent nature of our handmade items means that each piece is subtly unique.

These pieces are typically made to order. The shipping date of such will be 2-3 weeks on silver items and 2 weeks for copper. We can always make exceptions when needed.

We do not accept cancellations from orders or deliveries, yet we can do an exchange once delivered. Within 7 days of shipping date.