Indemnity and Hold Harmless


This Agreement is entered into this       day of                 2022 by and between



, Indemnifying Party John Dunavant, Sr. and members of the Dunavant/Pierotti family and individually hereinafter referred to collectively as "Dunavant", as Indemnified Party.

In consideration of Dunavant granting the Indemnifying Party (and/or my minor children, family and guests) the right to come upon and to utilize any of the following premises more commonly known as: 6579 Kirby Forest Cove, Memphis, TN 38119, and the Dunavant Residence, Shelby County, Tennessee, (the "Premises") for business, recreational and/or social purposes, I shall and hereby do agree to release and hold Dunavant harmless from and against any and all liability for personal injuries (including death) of myself and/or my children, family and guests, or loss or damage to personal property, however the same might occur or because on or about the Premises. It is acknowledged that the following recreational activities, which involve varying degrees of risk, are available and do occur in the use of the Premises; the list is not an all-inclusive summary: fishing, trampoline, swimming (lake and/or pool/hot tub), boating (including operation of any watercraft), riding all-terrain vehicles (including four wheelers) and hiking. This Agreement shall likewise apply to any such damages sustained during travel to and from the Premises. I further agree to indemnify and save Dunavant harmless from all claims and demands, suits, actions, loss, damages, recoveries, judgments, costs, attorneys’ fees, or expenses, in any manner arising out of or in connection with such use of the Premises.

This Agreement shall apply to damages to the Indemnifying Party arising from use of the Premises occurring within one year following the date of executionhereof.




By:  ________________________.      _(Name/Guardian Required if under 18)


   ________________________________________________(Signature of Gaurdian)