Inaugural Dog Blog - Guest Bloggers Izzie and Foots

I’ve invited two of my dogs to be our guest bloggers today because who better to review one of Fussbudget’s favorite new products (dog beds) than the pups who sleep in them?

As a way of background, Izzie is a Westie and is eight years old. Her favorite food is dog treats and she believes she is a giant outdoor farm dog. Foots is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and is three years old. His favorite food is anything on the kitchen counter and one of his claims to fame is not being able to stop himself from a full gallop speed inside the house trying to stop himself he ended up and scraping a twelve-foot path in hardwood to the bamboo table and soup tureen he shattered that were impaled in the dry wall it went through (He is still very loved).

Hi Fussy Friends of my Mom!

This is Izzie. Foots and I are super excited to post our first “Dog Blog”; mainly because we spent a blissful night on our new denim lounge bed and the chill pad. Boy do we feel rested!

As experts on finding a good place to sleep (including people beds, couches and chairs) we can tell you that these dog beds are the best. They were so comfy!

Last night Foots and I traded places a lot, because we couldn’t decide who got which bed. I ended up in the Denim Lounge for most of the night; while Foots really got some serious z’s on the Chill Pad (Between you and me, Foots is high energy, so chilling is a good thing for him).

Since we have a few more dogs in the house, Mom says she’s going to buy Taylor (Havanese) a chill pad too while Scooter (a Morkie) gets the Snuggle bed. The Snuggle bed is ideal for those of us who like to snuggle into a tight space.

And for, Statler, the giant of our family, Mom is going to get the California Dreaming Memory Foam Bed (he’s a Great Dane). He’s super excited about it. I’m hoping maybe I can curl up on a corner and test it out myself.

Overall, Foots and I agree—we give the dog beds five paws up!

Stay Fussy,

Izzie and Foots

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