“How do you select the items for Fussbudget?”

Good morning Fussy Friends,

A friend asked me the other day, “How do you select the items for Fussbudget?”

Well, the answer is simple: I love art and beauty.

Each vendor I approached has products that are both artistic and beautiful. So, of course I would be—and am—a customer myself. In fact, most items on our website can be found in my own home. (Just so we have our stories straight, I tell my husband I am “product testing.”)

Hearing feedback from Fussbudget customers, I realize they see the value too!! Just last week our best sellers were the Handcrafted Dolly Parton Pillows (custom made with care by an artisan with needle and thread), our beautiful Pear Blossom Copper Cuffs (designed and created by the phenomenal artist Ben Caldwell) and, of course, those darn cute and amazingly realistic children’s duvet covers.

An item that I’m excited to “test” in the coming weeks: our luxurious bamboo sheets. My set is in the mail and I promise to devote an entire blog to my first blissful night’s sleep.

And for those of you who want to let others know who the bamboo belongs to, monogramming of sheets and throws will be available soon! (You can always send them to Fussbudget.com for their own set 😊).

Stay Fussy,


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