A brief history of Fussbudget.com since 1998

Dear Fussy Friends,

As many of you may not know, I originally created Fussbudget.com in my garage in 1998 as a basket purse company. I had the fondest memories of playing with my mother’s purse as a child. So, I hired incredibly talented artists who would paint your home & family on a basket purse (with a penny glued inside for luck).  

About the same time, my oldest daughter went to her first sleep-away camp. Talking with other parents, I learned loved ones receive much joy giving “happies” to their campers. So, Fussbudget expanded to become a camp care package company.  My family assembled hundreds of packages, much to the delight of campers across the country. Though fun, it was hard work, too. After working a full day my late husband would become my number one stocker; we spent hours in our garage turned warehouse.

When I experienced the phenomenon of going to market, Fussbudget morphed again. Fussbudget 3.0 was born. Our best sellers became our gorgeous indoor sleeping bags and lap desks. (Keep an eye out—we are about to reintroduce one of our favorite sleeping bag lines within the next few days).  

During my husband’s illness, he and our daughters were my priority and had to come first.  I was fulfilling orders late in December and I thought “something has to give.” While I did not shutter it completely, I allowed the website to go dormant.

So, after a 10-year hiatus I feel renewed and reenergized. Blessedly our children are healthy and happy; and I’m invigorated with my renewed entrepreneurial spirit.  Time for Phase Four of the ever-changing Fussbudget.com!

Like Ponce de Leon I went to market in search of the most amazing lines! I love them all so much, you’ll find almost all of them in my home (much to my new husband’s chagrin)! 

Stunning Copper and Silver pieces from an Artisan Metalsmith, silky soft bamboo sheets, luxurious bamboo throws, exquisite pencil portraits of your home, custom-made commissioned pillows of your pets, children, home or favorite memory, pillows of “Women We Love” (one of my personal favorites) and the most GORGEOUS decorator pillow line I have ever seen. Last, but not least, imported balance bikes from France!!

I would love to hear from you!!!!

Stay Fussy,


“Luxury Gifts for the Fussiest of Friends”

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