Portrait of a Woman by Tom Turnbull (16” x 10 ½”)

Portrait of a Woman by Tom Turnbull (16” x 10 ½”)

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Turnbull’s Glazed Painting/Porcelain Canvasesare the epitope of uniquely striking.

Each canvas once dried is approximately ; as they are glazed porcelain you may display your work of art anywhere including outside rain or shine. 

The artist will supply collector with a template for hanging.

Biography of Artist:

Turnbull Pottery creates exquisite pottery—the culmination of a life dedicated to ceramics. Tom Turnbull’s father was a pioneer who produced clay for the burgeoning field of ceramic arts in the early 60s. He founded Standard Ceramic Supply where Tom learned about clay production and was inspired by the many talented potters who sought his father’s technical expertise.

Tom’s mastery of his craft began with apprenticeships with Charles Counts, author of Common Clay, renowned folk-art potter Legatha Walston, and studied with Bauhaus-trained master potter Marguerite Wildenhain. In 1986, Tom founded Mid-South Ceramic, developing the highly-acclaimed Opulence Glaze™. Both company and patents were sold to an international corporation and Tom now devotes himself to pottery full-time. He is an artist and glaze chemist who is breaking ground by painting with glaze on porcelain canvas.