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I Love My Bed Button Folk Art

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To our great sadness Anne Teeter has passed away; she brought so much joy.Jump In, Climb In, Fall In, Slide In, I Love My Bed You will love this beautiful handcrafted piece of folk art. Art for of mosaic buttons, embroidery and fabrics in original primitive folk art designs. Each piece is custom framed with antique embellished wood. About the Artist These beautiful works of art are a family affair. The talented folk artist, Mary Teeter is the creative force behind the buttonwork art you see on this site. She takes the lead with designing and sewing the works, while her husband adds his talents by lovingly creating frames for them from old timber. Her son often lends a hand as well, sorting the thousands of buttons needed for this artform by color and style. Their farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania suits their approach to life, which is both casual and enthusiastic. When they have some free time, reading and visiting with good friends are their favorite pasttimes. Please note: The above image represents one in a series. Because each piece of art is handmade, occasionally colors may very.